Tax Consulting

Our advice is comprehensive, reliable and always on time.

Labor Consulting

Comprehensive advice on all matters relating to labor relations and social security.


We advise large and small companies in all fields of law.


We are part of the international group ETL GLOBAL, an SME-oriented advisory services company.

Mergers and acquisition

We support you in the negotiations, providing advice in your different areas.


Baxi Manresa Co-sponsors

Business advice

We are a business organisation with extensive experience in advising organisations in the areas of Fiscal-Accounting, Economic, Financial, Labour, Legal, Grants and Subsidies, Risk Management, HR, Consultancy and Training management.

Tax Consultancy

Labour Consultancy



Mergers & Acquisitions

We are part of the international group ETL GLOBAL, an advisory services company focused on SMEs. We are 1200 firms with a presence in more than 50 countries.

We provide international services in the areas of tax, legal, audit and consultancy.

We accompany you in your plans for growth and international expansion.

With the speed and security of working with the best advisory firms for SMEs.

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