Local Business. Global Vision.

We are part of the international group ETL GLOBAL, an advisory services company focused on SMEs.

We provide international services in the areas of tax, legal, auditing and consultancy. We accompany you in your plans for growth and international expansion.

All with the speed and security of working with the best advisory firms for SMEs.

What do we do?

We provide tax, financial, HR and legal services through our network of ETL GLOBAL offices.

Our services are characterised by speed, security and trust; we work in collaboration with the best experts in each country.

We offer on-site solutions to deal with tax and legal matters that our clients need to develop in other countries; among others:

• Setting up permanent establishments in other countries.

• Representation before the authorities of each country.

• Attending to tax requirements and verifications.

• Filing of tax returns.

• Tax advice on triangular operations or operations between different countries.

• Tax and legal advice on real estate transactions.

Who are we?
We support your company in the challenges of internationalisation.

We are a team of professionals dedicated to providing multidisciplinary corporate advice in the areas of Tax, Finance, Human Resources and Legal. Our objective is to offer a complete, coherent and effective advisory service covering those aspects of the company that, due to their technical complexity, require the participation of a qualified external consultant.

Tax and accounting


  • Study of the fiscal issues of the business, seeking the best solutions for the different options.

  • National and international tax planning.

  • Advice on electronic transactions.

  • Various tax treatments of corporate operations, incorporation, reform, merger, transformation and extinction.

  • Representation, defence and assistance before the Tax Authorities, filing and monitoring of all types of appeals and administrative claims before the courts.

  • Preparation and settlement of corporate tax and Value Added Tax (VAT) payments.

  • Representation of non-residents and management of relevant formal obligations.

  • Permanent information on tax and accounting legislation.


  • Analysis of the functional needs of the company to determine the most appropriate accounting system.

  • Preparation of accounting plans to meet the requirements of each client.

  • The structuring of work, computer and filing resources results in an efficient accounting and control system for the entire business activity.

  • Implementation of cost accounting.

  • Resolution of all types of accounting queries, either by visiting the company or by telephone, exclusively for our clients.

  • Preparation of consolidated accounts between companies.

  • Closing of quarterly VAT and income tax records.

  • As an alternative system, we offer companies that do not have sufficient structure the possibility of producing all accounting in our office.

  • Control management and periodical declarations.

  • Transfer pricing.


  • Adjustment and rebalancing of investments to the appropriate profile.
  • Advice on portfolio management.
  • Economic analysis
  • Wealth advisory services.
  • Succession planning.
  • Tax simulations.
  • Study and definition of the investor profile.
  • Ongoing monitoring and recommendations.
  • Study and recommendations of new products and investment alternatives.
  • Study and optimisation of costs associated with an investment portfolio.
  • Immunisation portfolios.

These services are aimed at: Individuals, legal entities, associations, professional associations, holding companies, foundations, NGOs and other organisations, regardless of their nature or status; they may require advice on financial / wealth matters.

Insurance and investments

At GROS MONSERRAT we believe that your business deserves the best protection. That is why our policy is to offer a quick and efficient response to deal with any complication.

With a commitment to the highest quality, we provide multiple coverages against ordinary risks and those more specific to your business. Our flexibility allows us to fully adapt to any eventuality that may arise in the course of your activity.

  • Multi-risk business

  • Public Liability

  • Management positions

  • Environmental liability

  • Vehicles

  • Transport (cars or fleets)

  • Accidents

  • Agreements

International Lawyers

The advice and services provided by Adbisio ETL Global in the area of associations and non-profit organisations include the following matters:

  • Incorporation, dissolution and liquidation of non-profit organisations and associations.
  • Advice in relation to the daily legal and tax operations of these entities.
  • Assistance and advice in relation to the operation of the governing bodies of these entities.
  • Application for and monitoring of public utility for associations.

Economic area

  • Feasibility studies for companies.

  • Analytical reports on the economic situation of the company.

  • Profitability, productivity and sales prices.

  • Valuation and sale of companies.

  • Internationalisation of companies.

  • Analysis and evaluation of the production structure. Study of costs, considering implementation in different cost centres, calculation and control.

  • Elaboration, implementation and monitoring of budget control systems.

  • Financial analysis of the company.

  • Calculation and evaluation of debt levels, equity, average payment terms and accounts receivable.

  • Calculation of other significant financial ratios.

  • Financial projections, cash flow analysis and forecasting and liquidation needs.

  • Calculation of return on investments.

  • Planning and organisation of company management.

  • Investment and financing project studies, feasibility studies, determination of the internal rate of return of investment plans (IRR), NPV analysis, etc.

  • Advice on all types of investments, implementation of cash management systems to maximise the company’s cash flow.

  • Monthly reporting and monitoring.

  • Transfer pricing.

Financing and subsidies

We study and subsidies:

  • Investment in implementation of management tools, specific software, ERP, CRM, document management, among others.

  • Investment in web pages (development and management).

  • Certification standards (ISO 9001 – ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22,000, 166,002 …).

  • Adequacy of investment in the retail business area.

  • Investment in R&D&I.

  • Investment in Renewable Energies.

  • Investment in setting up companies abroad.

  • Investment in translation, international travel and image catalogues.

  • Financing for self-employed entrepreneurs.


GROS MONSERRAT has experience and efficiency in management systems consultancy and special protocols for more than 20 years. We propose a new strategic consultancy service that can respond to the needs of companies in the current situation:

Strong and effective leadership in a changing environment. A new area of business management that offers or ensures the personalised, efficient and quality service of GROS MONSERRAT.

Management systems consultancy

  • Quality management ISO 9001 – EFQM
  • Environmental management ISO 14001 – EMAS
  • Prevention and safety OHSAS 18001
  • Information security ISO 27001
  • Integrated management systems ISO 190001, ISO 14001, OHSAS
  • ISO 22000 Food safety – BRC – IFS…
  • R + D + i UNE 166.001 – UNE 166.002

LOPD implementation protocols

  • Social responsibility
  • Equality and reconciliation

Strategic consultancy

  • Design and/or redefinition of Strategic Planning

  • Business Plan Design

  • Marketing and sales plans

  • Cost reduction plans

  • Community Management

Qualitative advice

  • Board of Directors

  • BSC (Balanced Scorecard)

Qualitative consulting

  • Mistery shopping
  • HR

Human Resources

How can we help your company?
International Business Management

We provide a comprehensive service in International Business Management thanks to our membership of Securex, the European leader in Payroll and HR Consultancy services.

We can help your company in different areas:


  • Payroll processing

  • Employee income tax and affidavits.

  • Employee benefits.

  • Maternity leave benefits for administrators of group companies.

  • Simulations of employee labour costs (based on gross annual earnings).

  • T.D. Registration, employment contracts, extensions, final employer declarations.

  • Outstanding tax liabilities and social security declarations.

  • Automated payroll accounting.

  • Automated accounting of the provision of additional payments.

  • Bank transfer filing (specifically formatted for settlement payments).

  • Processing of non-applicable social security claims.

Advie and consultancy

  • Modifications, extensions, terminations of contracts, etc.

  • Contract suspensions, temporary incapacity, paid sick leave, etc.

  • Employment subsidies and social security contribution benefits.

  • Application of collective agreements.

  • Immigration.

  • Absenteeism.

  • Employment inspections.

Payroll management

  • Global online HR management: Integrate payroll data from subsidiaries into one database.

  • Compliance with local regulations.

  • Ability to integrate with SAGE accounting software.

  • Internationally standardised reporting.

  • Improve your productivity with simple, standard processes… worldwide.

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