Labour Consultancy

Comprehensive advice on all matters relating to labour relations and social security

• Preparation of payslips and Social Security contribution forms for the different existing social security schemes.

• Study, review and preparation of employment contracts, advice on the type of employment contract, subsidies and bonuses for hiring and the most appropriate clauses depending on the circumstances of the company and job.

• Preparation and presentation to the competent bodies of the employment contracts to be signed and their extensions.

• Advice and management in any procedure with the Territorial Treasury of the Social Security (TGSS), the Public Employment Service (SEPE), the National Social Security Institute (INSS) and mutual insurance companies.

• Advice on the conditions of affiliation, registration, deregistration and contribution to the different Social Security schemes, as well as the preparation of the corresponding forms for the registration and deregistration of workers.

• Annual preparation of the personalised working calendar with the regional and local public holidays according to your company.

• Calculation and preparation of wage slips and contributions for processing wages, back pay, etc.

• Prevention of occupational hazards.

• Control of ordinary and overtime hours.

• Equality policies.

• CSR/Corporate Social Responsibility.

• Permanent updating of labour regulations.

• Advice on travel and dealings with all administrations in this field.

• Labour Audit and Due Diligence.

• Processing of Social Security benefits.

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