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A specialised service that allows you to outsource the tax, accounting and economic-financial processes of companies, providing support to the company’s management.



We provide comprehensive tax advice for your activity, both in the business and personal sphere.

• Study of the tax problems of the company and partner, seeking the most appropriate solutions to the different tax options.

• National and international tax planning.

• Tax advice on intra-Community and foreign trade operations.

• Personalised advice on specific projects and operations.

• Tax treatment of the different corporate operations: incorporation, modification, merger, spin-off, transformation and extinction.

• Permanent information on tax-accounting legislation.

• Preparation and settlement of taxes.

• Tax groups.

• Representation, defence and assistance before the tax inspection authorities, as well as the filing and monitoring of all types of administrative claims and appeals before the jurisdictional bodies.

• Representation of non-residents together with the management of the relevant formal obligations.

• Tax management of expatriate/impatriate workers.

• Immediate Supply of VAT Information System (SII).


We provide a specialised service that allows us to outsource the accounting and financial processes of companies, providing support to the company’s management. Our agility, commitment, hard work and expertise make us an extension of the companies we work for, which guarantees the best service.

• Analysis of the functional needs of the company to find the most suitable accounting system.

• Preparation of the exclusive accounting plan according to the needs of the company.

• Structuring of the means of work and mechanisation processes, both in terms of IT and archives, in order to achieve an efficient accounting system and control of all business activity.

• Creation of the balance sheet and the operating account.

• Preparation of the official accounting books.

• Preparation of analytical accounting.

• Resolution of all types of accounting queries, either by visits to the company or by telephone, exclusively for our clients.

• Drawing up lists of journals, general ledgers, balance sheets and profit and loss accounts for both official and analytical or cost accounting.

• Preparation of inter-company consolidated accounts.

• Quarterly closing of VAT and personal income tax records.

• Outsourcing of accounting services and online consultation of financial statements.

Financial economics

Knowing what to do and being prepared at all times is vital for the survival of your company, which is why at Adbisio ETL Global we provide personalised, ongoing advice to our clients in order to improve their profitability and achieve maximum profit.

• Company viability studies.

• Analytical reports on the company’s economic situation. Profitability, productivity and sales prices.

• Valuation and sale and purchase of companies.

• Internationalisation of companies.

• Analysis and evaluation of the production structure. Study of costs, both in terms of implementation in different cost centres and their calculation and control.

• Preparation, implementation and monitoring of budget control systems.

• Financial analysis of the company. Calculation and evaluation of levels of indebtedness, equity, average payment and collection periods. Elaboration of other significant financial ratios.

• Monthly reporting and monitoring.

• Elaboration of financial projections, cash flow analysis and elaboration of forecasts and liquidation needs.

• Calculation of investment profitability.

• Computerisation of the company’s administration.

• Planning and organisation of the company’s administration.

• Studies of investment and financing projects, feasibility studies, determination of the internal rate of return on investment plans (IRR), NPV analysis, etc.

• Advice on all types of investments, implementation of cash management systems to make the company’s cash flow as profitable as possible.

• Monthly information and supervision.

• Related operations.

• Wealth advice.

• Succession planning.

• Tax simulations.

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